Friday, 9 June 2017

Pre-Screening Of Prospective Tenants over Phone

Time is precious, for both landlords and prospective tenants. So, having a little conversation before the prospective tenant’s visit to your property is beneficial for, perhaps, both of you. That will help both parties to get an idea whether or not the home is a good fit for both.

Make sure that you have some standard information to tell and ask for from the party before both of you decide to go ahead with the process. This standard information will help you to figure out what the type of tenant the person, you are talking to, would be. Furthermore, this little conversation will also help you to know whether the person has contacted you with a legitimate interest in renting your place.

Good thing is that you can have this conversation with the prospective tenant over phone. What this conversation would be like? Let’s discuss.

Ask them about their knowhow regarding the property
You first need to ask this question when the prospective tenant calls you. Before you get the answer, the tenant may get silent for a few seconds or stutter while answering. This is pretty normal because tenants are not usually asked questions in the very first conversation.

Nevertheless, this question can give you quite valuable information and bit of insight about the caller. From there, you should be able to do a little but safe judgment about the type of tenant the person could be.

Ask if they are well aware about the terms of rentals
At this step, you basically ensure that the prospective tenant is well aware about the rent, lease terms, deposit, utilities, general home description and amenities. This part of conversation will help you and the tenant to figure out if the property renting is in the benefit of both of you. For instance, the tenant may be looking for short term lease but you cannot provide it. Furthermore, the tenant may be looking for certain amenities which are not available at your place. Hence, this conversation can help you and the tenant to save valuable time which would otherwise get wasted in the tour of home.

The qualification standards
When you tell about the qualification standards to the prospective tenants, they would more likely be unhesitant to tell you whether or not they qualify according to those standards. For instance, if you tell the tenant that they need to have an earning of at least $2500 per month, they might tell you that their income is not more than $1500 per month. Obviously, you will save time because they won’t be visiting you to have tour of the rental.

Let the caller talk

Besides asking questions, telling requirement and explaining qualification criteria, let the callers talk about themselves. Be patient while hearing them even if they stutter a lot while talking. Moreover, expect the caller to fill the gaps in conversation. This would definitely help you learn a lot about the tenants.